Anna Soo

Vice President, Illuminet Inc.

Anna Soo is the Vice President of Illuminet Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Illuminet Solutions Ltd., based in Delaware in the US.

Anna is a high performer and driven leader with expertise in business and marketing strategies, digital, demand generation and go-to-market transformation.  Skilled at increasing sales through superior planning, analysis and management, she has the proven ability to build successful brands, retain & grow customers and to maximize on ROI. She is an energetic team player with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to motivate staff.

Prior to joining Illuminet, Anna has had extensive experience in the Utility, HVAC, Publication and Information Technology Services Industries. 

Most recently, Anna has been the process wiz to align and synchronize the company’s various teams to deliver operational excellence. She’s the lighthouse that keeps everyone focused and on target to promote continuous improvement, aiming at scaling and optimization to enable routine delivery of exceptional performance. When she’s not building agility across the company’s many Departments, she speed walks, plays volleyball and table tennis.