Celebrating our Carbon Neutral Certification!

David Attenborough's famous quote from 1984.

COP27 has reiterated that it’s time for action against global warming. We must take responsibility for our impact on the planet and work together to slow down the devastating effects of climate change. The first step is to reduce negative impact and become Carbon Neutral!

Innovation, inspiration, and transformation are Illuminet’s tagline. It runs through the core of all that we do, how we operate and what we can deliver as a consultancy. We are always asking ourselves;

  • How can we innovate to be greener?
  • How can we inspire our colleagues and network to take care of the environment?
  • How can we transform our impact on the planet into a positive one?  

Last year, we set out to reduce our negative impact on the planet and are now Carbon Neutral Certified. Our plan now is to start producing a positive impact.

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon Neutral means offsetting the carbon emissions you emit. We were able to offset our emissions through our partner Positive Planet.  After auditing our operations, we were able to identify where our emissions came from. We then planned how we can offset them effectively and how we can reduce them. 

In summary, our total emissions were 199tCO2e and through Positive Planet we have offset 239tCO2e (120%).

But the work doesn’t stop there. Our plan is to hit Carbon Net Zero by 2035.

With our ambitions set high, we internally appointed a group of Eco-Ambassadors. They will help to drive our mission and help us to think of how Illuminet can operate in more sustainable ways. This passionate group will help launch monthly eco-campaigns, continue our Net Zero plan, and will also be key contacts for the green side of our business.  

Our monthly mission for 2023

Find out what we do in our own time and effort!

We pride ourselves as an eco-friendly consultancy and aspire to give back to the environment. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the planet we live on. Through our Treevolution Initiative, we have currently funded the planting of 11,065 trees. Our plan for 2023 is to plant an additional 2,500 through our fundraising events, such as our upcoming Make a Difference Day 2023. Click through to see how you can help Make a Difference.

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