Cost Reduction MOT©​​
Accelerate Your Cash Management with our Cost Reduction MOT
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Cost Reduction MOT©​​
Accelerate Your Cash Management with our Cost Reduction MOT
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Cost Reduction MOT©​​
Accelerate Your Cash Management with our Cost Reduction MOT

What is The Cost Reduction MOT?

The Cost Reduction MOT is a Cost Optimisation Diagnostic and Health Check that gives you:

  • Input: Illuminet and Grasshopper Ant can take any format of organisational data. Data is processed through our database which uses algorithms to deliver forensic level visibility across your organisation
  • 14 Day Output: Data is analysed by experts specialising in data, finance, accounting, procurement, legal and compliance
  • A Bespoke Financial Dashboard: Using your general ledger, management and spend data – one source of the truth
  • Instant Visual Clarity: clarity of your priorities, enabling decisive actions to be taken, reducing operating costs and increasing working capital
“The engagement with Illuminet was superb. A straightforward approach with strong communication at all times was shown. The team at Illuminet always deliver on their promises and are a pleasure to work with. Their collaboration, commitment and support was always of a high quality and the quality of approach always professional.”
Illuminet Client, Software Company

Our Approach Generates Results Quickly and Easily

Our four stage approach engages and supports management teams deliver results


Where are we now, what is the strategic direction, what issues and initiatives are in progress


What are the primary areas of focus across the enterprise that will contribute most to value creation


Form roadmaps of the organisation across three main cash management areas; Cost Reduction Synergies, Consolidation Synergies, Lines of Enquiry, Financial Process Synergies, E&O Synergies


Deliver or facilitate the roadmap of opportunities for self-serve or ongoing support

14 Day Timeline

Optional On-going Delivery

Delivering 4 Pillars of Excellence

A review of 4 key areas with the ability to tailor to specific business needs


Organisation Synergy Analysis
Making things simpler – we bring the data across your organisation in to a simple clear navigable format. We integrate multiple data sources, mis-aligned data sources, confusion across currency or price volatility. Providing you with tools to forecast market impacts.


Soft Synergy Analysis
Looking for a tidy general ledger our data insights include cashflow, working capital, VAT implications, late payments, aged debt, debt gearing, credit card data, expense data, payment terms, retrospective PO process, financial hygiene process.


Hard Synergy Analysis
Overlap of suppliers, integration of back end process, optimisation opportunities, duplicate accounts, termination and break clauses, supply chain and stakeholder/cost centre identification for transformation/BPO activity.


Accleration Synergy Analysis
Identify quick win areas to automate processes through Robotic Process Automation – HR Applications, recruitment, data mining, call centres, data gathering.

How do we do it?

Expertise to cut through and deliver results, quickly

Procurement Team
Specialists delivering trading negotiations by drawing on extensive experience, know-how and standing relationships in the marketplace
Data & Analytics Team
Data wizardry to deliver comprehensive and powerful insights into cost and supplier management.
Accounting & Finance Team
Experienced chartered and qualified accountants identifying financial hygiene, process and operations within financial management.
Process, Legal & Compliance Team​
Governance experts to deliver clients with policy, compliance and control procedures.
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Some feel they’ve lost control of their data and visibility across their costs, others are integrating post M&A and seek to achieve stronger synergies and returns. And a few are just stuck in the fog and need trusted guidance on how to improve margins and profitability. That’s what we do at Grasshopper Ant.

Annie Spilsbury, Grasshopper Ant.

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