Covid Recovery Squad

Maximum value, minimum cost.  A Covid Recovery Squad of talented professionals at a fraction of the normal rates, to help organisations recover and emerge stronger from the crisis.

What is it?

The Covid Recovery Squad service gives you access to a select number of known and trusted consultants, from our virtual bench.  The consultants have been hand-picked, based on their breadth of expertise, availability and keenness to help struggling organisations in the current climate.

The deal is very straight forward.  Consultants on the list below are £250/$350 per day (or £150/$225 a day for junior consultants) for any period up to a maximum of 3 months. There is no obligation to continue beyond the period of engagement but if this is requested we will of course be delighted to have a discussion with a starting point of our standard rate card.

Our Squad is growing and of course changing, but as of today, the available consultants are as summarised below.  A detailed CV for each consultant is available on request.

Meet our squad!

Key skills include:

    • PMO
    • Project / Business Change Management
    • Programme Management
    • Business analysis
    • Architecture
    • Interim Management

  • Service Management
  • Recruitment Delivery
  • Marketing
  • Process design
  • HR
  • Finance

Our Europe Based Squad Members

Our US Based Squad Members

Typical challenges

How we respond

Lack of availability of key staff due to furlough, illness or holidays.

Our consultants can backfill in service delivery or project roles, to bridge gaps, on a part-time or full-time basis. Available for anything from 1 week up to 3 months.

Tight budgets due to reduced revenue during the crisis, but with the ongoing need to still deliver services and restart projects.

Adding the maximum value for the minimum cost, with consultants offering their time at a fraction of their normal rates, and Illuminet passing this on at minimal margins.

The need to deliver new projects or changes to services, adapting to the new normal, rebuilding for the post-Covid future.

Our consultants bring a range of expertise to help you re-shape and innovate for the future, all at a significantly reduced price.

Why is it important?

Looking at the news and seeing that many economies shrank by 20% or more, because of the crisis is frightening.  What we often don’t see is the Herculean task IT teams have had behind the scenes to make vast changes to home working, delivery channels, bandwidth, websites, applications and infrastructure to make things work.  This massive amount of change needed for survival has meant that projects to take the business forward have been put on hold.

A lot of the organisations we have spoken to have suffered tremendously because of the crisis, but were successful at managing their costs, putting projects on hold, and adapting to the reduced market opportunities.  They are optimistic about the future and can see signs of recovery. Now we need to gear up for new business and get back to growth.  This next phase can be equally challenging.  Business is rarely like a light switch that can be turned on just because we want it to. 

As we start to recover the challenges will be to maintain control over costs and balance this against the need to fire up projects and open up services.  Organisations will need flexibility as no-one has a crystal ball and recovery is fragile and fraught with the risks of further backward steps before we can finally put this crisis behind us. 

What are the outcomes?

The concept behind this is that we build a team of very capable practitioners who are ready to go, willing to be flexible about part time or full time and can make a difference quickly. They can be deployed individually or as a squad and they have one thing in common – an ambition to help the client they work with recover from the crisis and deliver value. 

Greg Wood, CEO, Illuminet  

As we start to recover the challenges will be to maintain control over costs and balance this against the need to fire up projects and open up services.

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