DataVantage Global®
An Enterprise Data Masking, Data Management & Compliance Solution for Distributed Environments
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DataVantage Global®
An Enterprise Data Masking, Data Management & Compliance Solution for Distributed Environments
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Take Control of Your Data with DataVantage Global

Cost-effective solution to mask and de-identify data safely and efficiently

DataVantage Global was designated as Qualified
Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) by the United States Department of Homeland Security

Masked production data can be used safely for non-production purposes such as application development, testing, training and more

Alleviates concerns about who has copies of your production data

DataVantage Global® is a cost-effective solution which has been awarded patents in multiple countries.  It enables you to mask and de-identify data safely and efficiently to help prevent  a data breach while providing facilities for data browsing, viewing, editing, sub-setting and more.This enterprise-wide data privacy solution operates in distributed computing environments to manage large amounts of data throughout an organisation while protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and private/sensitive company data that might otherwise be compromised during a data breach.

How it works

DataVantage Global provides proprietary, built-in masking and de-identification functionality that is repeatable and irreversible:


Replaces all or some of the original value with a selected character OR replaces all or some of the original value with random characters of the same type (alpha with alpha, numeric with numeric). Leaves punctuation and blanks intact.

John Doe becomes John XXX

SS# 123 45 6789 becomes
SS# 746 59 1247

Data Replacement

Unique and Non-Unique
Replaces an existing column or data field with randomly selected data from a supplied dataset. Users can select different values from multiple datasets. For example, one dataset can replace Social Security Number fields while another can replace Name fields.

Steve Fine becomes Matthew Simon

186 Solyo Heights Drive, Felton becomes
716 Alvarado Row, Stanford

Credit Card Masking

Preserves the first four digits of the number and randomizes the remaining digits. Calculates a modulo-10 Luhn check digit which will result in a valid credit card value.

5445003238601963 becomes 5445722603289167

30569309025904 becomes 30567833412911

Typical challenges

How we respond

Varying operating systems causes compatibility issues.

DataVantage Global interoperates with almost any database or data server running Linux, UNIX or Windows.

Creating test data is a tedious task.

DataVantage Global subsets and samples data either with or without referential integrity with virtually no
programming required.

Data is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

DataVantage Global uses advanced, encryption-based data masking algorithms which can produce either repeatable or randomized results.

Executives worry about data leaks during testing.

DataVantage Global automates database metadata to generate solution components. 

Eric – Applications Director, Human Resources Service Provider 

Because of the unique nature of our business, we needed a strong company to work closely with us to handle any issues that came up as a result of this effort. During the product evaluation phase, the DataVantage staff provided superior pre‐sales support, which gave us the confidence that we could count on them after the sale to ensure the success of our project.

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