Rapid access to the brainpower of hundreds of seasoned professionals, on demand, to help you solve specific challenges.

What is it?

UPDATE: Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the subscription fee for this service has been waived until January 2021.

KnowledgeFlex is a low cost, on demand service, that simply provides you with access to brain power! Through this service you can access expertise from across our organisation and our trusted virtual bench, paying a low hourly / daily price. Having advice and guidance on tap, to help you solve specific challenges, is a huge advantage.

Whether creating a first draft, refining an existing version, or you just need a sounding board, we can help: 

Why is it important?

The pace of change is accelerating and the ability for organisations to retain skills across every area of their operation is becoming challenging. Organisations cannot afford to have large teams, supporting skills that they need but maybe infrequently.

What are the outcomes?

KnowledgeFlex allows you access to the wide range of experts in a very cost effective way.

  TVP/HC – Consultancy – Programme review  

We conducted a complete programme review for Thames Valley and Hampshire Police on the high profile Body Worn Video programme and provided a report on the effectiveness of the programme, the governance and structure as well as areas where lasting improvement could be made. The report went to the Head of Science and Technology and Chief Constables of both forces and was used to ensure lessons learned were embedded and improve change delivery.

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