Project Assurance​


The pace and complexity of change is increasing and the need for organisations to be able to successfully deliver, on time, to budget and to the right level of quality, is essential and reliant upon getting the governance and controls right. ​

What is it?

Each service has been tailored to be sized based on the scale and complexity of each project, based on a
‘T-Shirt’ sizing approach (Small, Medium, Large) as a blended view.

Whatever the size and complexity of the project, we have an option that will enable you to receive an independent review. Depending upon the service and option selected the service will include onsite or remote support and the outputs will vary from a set of highlights, lowlights and recommendations, up to a comprehensive report with analytics, findings, detailed recommendations and a stakeholder presentation. 

In all cases you will be receiving the expertise from Illuminet, with a strong background in successfully delivering similar size and complexity projects.

Health Check Lite (MOT)

Project Full Health Check

Quality Project Gateway Review and Challenge

Project NED Steering

Post Project Review

Money Back Guarantee

Comprehensive Report (tailored to the deliverables of the offering)

Contributes to the green initiative (tree planting)

Presentation to Stakeholders and Sponsor

Illuminet Representative


Senior Practitioner

Senior Practitioner

Director Practitioner

Senior Practitioner

Available for Large Projects

Available for Medium Projects

Available for Small Projects

Why is it important?

These services provide Senior Stakeholders with an independent assessment, providing key information on which to decide whether or not to continue with a project, including whether all deliverables have been completed on plan, the ongoing project viability, key information on what commitment is required to move to the next stage.

What are the outcomes?

This approach will minimise the risk of unexpected deviations from agreed timescales, costs and quality. 

We believe these service offerings provide great value and flexibility to our clients with independent expertise on demand. 

  Global Bank – Consultancy and Augment the team 

We completed a transformation for the Bank’s Change Delivery function which included defining the Target Operating Model, efficiency savings and improvements to reporting, project controls, risk management, organisation design and ratio’s of skillsets needed to deliver the portfolio of change needed by the Bank.

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