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Resource challenges across industry

Many organisations face delays and cost in trying to bring in resources to help with their projects or organisational change. It can take months to find the right consultant and deploy them.

Therefore, the purpose of our Select Consultants, are to enable you to deploy talented and trained professionals quickly. We recognise that organisations need to move at a fast pace and that having the right people makes a huge difference. Our consultants are people we personally recommend, who are available immediately.

How do our Select Consultants work?

Simply select the people from our Select Consultants pool that would best suit your business needs, submit your choices and we’ll reach out to you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, mail us at and we will find you the right person.

We know they are good at what they do. To help you make your decision we include a first impression guarantee. This means that in the first week of deployment, if for any reason the person you have selected from our Select Consultants pool isn’t right for you, we will pay for the first week and find you a suitable replacement.

What are our price bands?

Our current price bands are displayed as A to E, with A being the highest and E the lowest of the categories. 

For more information, and to discuss rate cards, please contact us here!

Take a look at some of our available consultants!

Take a look at some of our available consultants!