Digital Experience Optimiser

Making work – work! At home or in the office.

The Digital Experience Optimiser gives you a 360° protection of your workforce, looking after both the health of the PC and the wellbeing of the employee. This provides end-to-end actionable visibility of their digital experiences, to proactively detect and remediate IT issues remotely, real-time.

Unique insights, powerful remote actions and a direct employee engagement channel. This ensures a great digital experience to employees, regardless of where they are.

What is it?

The Digital Experience Optimiser utilises the Virtech | Illuminet Consulting and Managed Services and is powered by market leading software from Nexthink.

This enables self-help, self-healing, direct employee engagement and 24/7 monitoring to maximise productivity of the digital workplace in the home and office.

Digital Employee Experience Score

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is an employee’s holistic experience with the digital workplace that IT provides, allowing them to be productive and engaged.

The experience touches on different levels: the physical, sensorial, emotional and rational.

Typical challenges

How we respond

No visibility into the issues remote users may be experiencing.

Get a complete picture of desktop/laptop consumption from the end-user perspective and diagnose issues experienced by employees with ease, regardless of the complexity of the estate, whether Mac or Windows, physical or virtual.

Difficulty monitoring remote based cloud/on-premise services.

Monitor every user experience using critical business services in real time.

Inability/expensive to send on-site support or remote access into remote locations.

Use automated remediation to fix issues immediately on remote user devices.

Inability to communicate in context with remote users.

Leverage in context pop-ups to communicate with users no need for ineffective email-based communication methods or surveys.

Why is it important?

Maintain real-time visibility of all your remote workers. Leverage a remote DEX score, network quality data, service performance data and employee engagement capabilities to proactively detect and react to issues impacting DEX.

Monitor employees’ ability to stay productive and collaborate with their colleagues by ensuring the ongoing performance of their routine digital tools. Allow IT to quickly diagnose issues and initiate remote actions to solve IT incidents, regardless of employee location.

Provide a rich 2-way communication channel between IT and remote workers to reduce any sense of isolation and to support ongoing retrieval of remote worker sentiment. IT can combine this sentiment data with existing network data to produce a holistic view of remote worker DEX.

Business outcomes

Ensure infrastructure readiness for a remote workforce
Manage the remote working digital experience
Monitor and maintain critical remote services performance
Engage with employees to prevent isolation and provide remote support – mental health checks

  Medical Device Company (see video) 

We want to shift away from the mindset of looking at incident data, ticket data, but to look at every single user in our population and try to understand what their day to day experience is.

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