Everything you need to drive positive change across your organisation. And nothing you don’t.


We can solve your specific challenges with on-demand access to the brainpower of hundreds of seasoned, trusted specialists, enhance your project with a Virtual Bench of over 1,000 professionals, and provide talented interim leaders to drive success.

We have built a unique set of ‘packaged’ 90-day consultancy services – innovative fixed-term, fixed-price engagements that deliver an unmatched level of speed and certainty.


We continually invest in and develop networks, and long-term relationships so that we can provide you with the most highly skilled, experienced people.

Our unique approach

Knowledge flex

We can give you rapid access to the brainpower of hundreds of seasoned professionals, on demand, to help you solve specific challenges, with hourly or daily pricing.

Virtual bench

We can be your project team bench, enabling you to respond to spikes in demand, without paying for down time, with durations of 1-24 months.

90 days Products

We have developed a number of unique ’90 Day’ products to deliver rapid improvements in areas such as service enhancement, productivity increase, risk reduction and business transformation.


We can help finding and connecting with the very best, hard-to-source senior IT leadership, programme managers and technical specialists.

We’ve reimagined the consultancy and service experience to accelerate and simplify change.