Illuminet Treevolution Update! Making a Difference in the US!

Illuminet, an eco-friendly consultancy company, is proud to be expanding its Treevolution Program in the US by partnering with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). That means we continue our goal to offset our carbon footprint and help mitigate climate change.

Why the NFF? NFF is leading natural solutions to climate change through large-scale reforestation on public land.

Tree planting on National Forests helps:

  • Fight climate change, conserve wildlife habitat, and ensure healthy watersheds in the US
  • Restore the damage caused by severe wildfires, insects and disease and other natural disasters
  • The investment in healthy forests for today and for future generations
  • Restore tens of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat from the longleaf pine forest of Florida to the cedar groves of Alaska

Illuminet is committed to partner with the NFF to promote environmental sustainability. Our goal is to plant one tree per consultant per week, five trees per permanent position filled and ten trees per Product Delivery.  As a start, we have currently funded 45 trees in June! With the goal of tripling our business this year, we hope to be able to plant hundreds of trees in 2022!

“This is an exciting time for Illuminet Inc. We are driven to deliver excellence to our clients that include solutioning and implementation of complex transition and transformation projects (including Mergers & Acquisitions).  We pride ourselves as being a passionate eco-friendly organization and it is important to us that we help the environment today to make a difference for our generation as well as our future generation.”

Anna Soo, VP

The National Forest Foundation is grateful to have Illuminet Inc. as a Small Business Partner! It’s awesome to see their commitment to reforesting national forests; we truly couldn’t do this work without the generosity of partners like Illuminet Inc.”

Abby Schembra, NFF Reforestation Program

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