Illuminet’s Robotic Centre of Excellence Accelerator

Welcome to the world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which is on the spectrum of technologies that includes Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The market has grown substantially as the digital transformation efforts of many industries have driven the adoption of this technology.  With vendors providing RPA tools to help companies in many sectors including Financial Services, Insurance, and Utilities to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, the key to a successful implementation is setting up the company’s RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Illuminet is delighted to announce an exciting extension to our Productivity Accelerator Spin Cycle – Robotic Centre of Excellence Accelerator, which can be delivered virtually / remotely or onsite.  RPA is a hot topic in the industry particularly now, when working practices are changing faster than ever before, as companies grapple with ways to keep their services running efficiently during the COVID-19 outbreak and into the future.

Illuminet’s Productivity Accelerator already helps clients measure, visualise and improve processes across their enterprise and then to apply various “treatments” to boost productivity and hence drive a competitive advantage.  Automation is established as one of the treatments we could apply to a process, along with improvement (re-engineer) and optimisation, so a logical extension is for the automation treatment to dovetail in with RPA.

At Illuminet we like to bring a fresh perspective to business challenges and opportunities.  Illuminet’s approach is to help our clients engaging in the RPA technology, to establish their own robot creation capabilities.  We can guarantee to propel our clients to a place where they can rapidly define, build and deploy their own process automations, with the confidence that their organisation will know how to operate in a world where robots sit alongside their key knowledge workers.

The Robotic Centre of Excellence Accelerator is a 90-day Spin Cycle offering whereby we guide the establishment of:

  • The robotic team, with the right roles resourced by people with appropriate experience and training, supported by sound methodologies
  • Robotic ecosystem of tools and infrastructure supported by design guides for effective deployment
  • Processes to identify, assess, prioritise, develop and deploy automation assets, supported by appropriate development standards
  • Identification and initiation of process re-engineering for key business processes, to then be automated, once optimised
  • Operating model to monitor, maintain and support robotic assets whilst ensuring reliable integration with the key knowledge workers in the organisation, including change management to ensure any robots evolve in line with business process changes
  • Governance to ensure compliance with policies and procedures, and to ensure expected benefits are realised

The Illuminet solution is tool agnostic, and we will be working with leading tool providers such as UiPath, Blue Prism and many others to ensure our solution is seamless regardless of the client’s tooling choices.

We are launching this global offering in conjunction with our Partner Virtech, across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

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