IT Service Improvement​
In today’s digital age across private and public sector organisations the bar has been raised, with expectations accelerating demand for IT Service Improvement.
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IT Service Improvement​
This means personalisation, access to new services, ease of consumption, collaboration, and intelligent automation. Consequently, businesses are required to meet the demands of new ITSM standards whilst delivering with the same or fewer resources.​
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At Illuminet we understand the challenges businesses leaders are facing. Whilst many businesses are tackling digitising customer-facing services, back-office operations remain largely analogue. For example, customer-facing services are supported by back-office operations and we know tackling one without addressing the other is like painting over the cracks in the ceilings. Subsequently over time those cracks will begin to resurface. Therefore in 2021, the ongoing cost of inefficiency and the waste associated with isolated processes, manual tasks, and repetitive activities can no longer be ignored. Illuminet have a range of ITSM/ITIL products and services to support the management and productivity of your IT service and improve customer service.

A revitalised IT department driving £1.2 million annual savings

Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary wanted to improve the performance of their joint ICT department. With a particular focus on freeing up leadership time and generating energy to overcome embedded issues.

Firstly, Illuminet began by watching – observing the team at work to understand the root causes of the productivity problem. For example, the pattern of high workloads, demands on leaders for meetings and less time to focus on getting to the root cause, left IT needing to find a new way to lift service.

Secondly, our 90-day Rapid Improvement Spin Cycle methodology was deployed to turn things around. As a result of the project energy and enthusiasm was returned, teamwork improved and a new desire to drive continuous improvement appeared within the leadership team. Also, efficiency improvements followed in Repeat Incidents, Repeat Requests, IT Risks and Operational Disciplines. Above all, contributing to annual savings in excess of £1.2m or the equivalent of 24 bobbies on the beat.

Our IT Service Improvement Services

From 90 day business transformation to automating your processes, our team can help you from end-to-end in transforming your IT Service Improvement. We can support you to increase productivity and improve customer service of your IT desk operations, whilst overall delivering a successful roadmap to IT service optimisation. 

“The engagement with Illuminet was superb. A straightforward approach with strong communication at all times was shown. The team at Illuminet always deliver on their promises and are a pleasure to work with. Their collaboration, commitment and support was always of a high quality and the quality of approach always professional.”
Illuminet Client, Software Company

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ITSM Case Study- Interim Management with Now to Wow!

In short, Illuminet know IT service delivery teams have traditionally been swamped by activities that they shouldn’t be doing. As a result they struggle to scale and have less capacity for higher-value work.
During an interim management assignment we ran a ‘Now to Wow!’ exercise on the Support and Service Desk areas. To sum up, the Teams had the highest attrition in the company, morale was low. There was a backlog of 5500 open tickets, requests were going unfulfilled. 
Transformed Performance
Firstly, transformed these areas from teams that were seen as poorly performing to a world class function that became a showcase for the company.
Improved Attrition and Morale
Secondly, we eliminated the backlog of open tickets. This reduced attrition by 50%. This resulted in improved morale (in the staff satisfaction we moved the teams from the lowest to highest scoring in the company).
An Improved Fulfilment Process
In addition we improved the fulfilment processes for the client– in many cases the improvement was 50% or greater. 
Better Collaboration
Furthermore, we built a Support Centre that looked fantastic and delivered improved working practices and collaboration. The support centre was used by sales to show clients just how good the company was.
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Thames Valley Police

“Whenever I have a new business area we are looking at, concerns regarding a programme, or am looking for advice around planning and improvement I get in touch with Illuminet, they have continued to support the Forces … they have a true values fit with our critical 24/7 public service. They have a very open style and are enjoyable to work with, candid and honest about the work they do and the advice they give.”

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