KnowledgeFlex – rapid access to brainpower!

We are pleased to see our KnowledgeFlex service offering making a big difference to many of our clients.

What’s the challenge?

With evolving priorities and agendas, IT Leaders need the ability to adapt quickly, ensuring their:

  • Approach is still fit for purpose
  • Cost base is as low as possible
  • Supply chain is robust and cost effective, delivering value for money
  • Portfolio of change is clear, prioritised and will deliver the benefits the business needs now

As such, they may need help drafting, or refining:

  • Digital or IT Strategies
  • Target Operating Models
  • Proposals
  • Business Cases
  • Key Policies or Processes
  • Supplier Contracts (and assistance re-negotiating or re-tendering services)
  • Project Plans / Terms of Reference (and health-checking or re-baselining)

Or, Leaders may just need a trusted advisor to discuss key decisions with!

With ever changing needs, less time and less money, it’s practically impossible for companies to have sufficient capacity with the right skills in the right places at the right times!  

So what can a company do?  

If they re-direct internal staff this may have a knock-on effect on other delivery, or might struggle to ensure the right outcome, if expertise is scarce.  If they hire full-time contractors, this may lead to a lot of cost, when all that’s needed is the injection of expertise for much smaller work packages.  If engaging a traditional Consultancy, this often leads to extended timescales, over-blown costs and the production of a report at the end, with client’s being no further forward in making a real-life change.  

What’s our solution?

That’s why we created KnowledgeFlex, which is designed to enable clients just to get the brainpower they need, when they need, with a rapid response and a guaranteed result paying only for the time required to deliver the result they need.

We agree a Statement of Work (SoW) with specific deliverables or stating what consulting expertise is required.  The SoW would have a number of hours / days allocated, for example a block of 80 hours, only paying for the actual hours used.  This also comes with a money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the quality of our service.

Some examples of where we have helped clients using KnowledgeFlex 

  • System Integrator – Target Operating Model design build-out and refined.
  • Large Police Force – Programme Review – conducted a complete review of a high profile body worn video programme and assessed its effectiveness, the governance and structure.  This included lessons learnt and recommended lasting improvements.
  • Education Charity – Service Provider / Contract Review and Tender Support to ensure the best value for money and quality of service.
  • Large Recruitment Company – IT Digital Strategy design and Digital Workplace collaborative support.
  • System Integrator / Managed Service Provider – Global Client support to draft Statements of Work and Contract Change Notes, and to provide Hypercare Leadership for a global Virtual Desktop Go-Live.
  • System Integrator – Technical Consulting for a Citrix upgrade for their end client.

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