Happy One Year Anniversary Illuminet Inc.

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since we announced Illuminet Inc. as a new US subsidiary of the established Illuminet Solutions Limited, to offer our innovative consultancy services, to businesses across the US and Canada. 

What made this past year extremely challenging was (and still is) the Coronavirus pandemic. However, with so many uncertainties in 2020, we were forced to adapt to our changing world and retarget our strategies to help businesses during this difficult time.  We created programs such as the Covid Recovery Squad to give struggling organisations the flexibility to obtain our expert consultants to start-up their projects that were put on hold. We launched solutions (professional services, tools / software, methodologies, processes and services) in collaboration with specialist partners to help 1) companies’ workforces become more productive and engaged with our Digital Experience Optimiser, 2) businesses optimise and automate their business processes with our Centre of Excellence (CoE) Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Spin Cycle and 3) organisations protect their data against a data breach by masking their data when testing, training and analysing their data, especially with so many people working remotely.

Besides our products and services offerings, our first year also established Illuminet as a strategic partner with a system integrator for managed professional services.  We are also growing our team further as we look to add additional members to help with new opportunities working with our great partners that include IT and Business Transformation in the Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures space. 

It is exciting to see how Illuminet Inc. has grown over the past year, even with the pandemic.  Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a damper on our One Year Anniversary celebration.  However, I am looking forward to Illuminet Inc.’s growth in year two, as we continue to provide inspiration, innovation and transformation to help organisations work better, faster and smarter while optimizing their costs.  Illuminet Inc.’s growth in Year One could not have happened without the support from members of Illuminet Solutions Limited, our Associate Partners, Technology, and ecosystem of specialist Service and Environmental Partners.  A special thanks to our new and existing clients for helping Illuminet Inc. with our first year’s accomplishments.

Vice President, Illuminet Inc.

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