Our exciting new VBaaS development!

Our Virtual Bench as a Service (VBaaS) is an exciting and innovative subscription service.

Designed to provide rapid access to our delivery expertise through an outsourced outcome-based arrangement, boosting change capability at short notice.

The Virtual Bench will provide you with the ability to fill the gaps in your organisation quickly and ensure that you are not delaying your business outcomes. It will allow you peace of mind, knowing you have a talent pool of great people ready to support you.

It enables you to access our extensive talent pool of experienced and capable people to deploy in your business.

It can also save you a lot of money!

For example, Client ‘A’ on average hired 25 contractors and consultants a year. Their process of finding people through agencies, sifting through to get to shortlists and interviewing people was pretty slick but still took an average of 20 days to land someone from getting the requirement out there. Their spend varied but the average day rate of a consultant with them was £400. Our VBaaS service would save them £168,800 over the year and cutting out 425 days of delays across their change delivery and enabling them to respond to the market far quicker.

Have a go at our brand new VBaaS Calculator to see how much money it could save you!


What is VBaaS?

  • You engage us through a Consultancy arrangement to deliver a specific agreed outcome.
  • We take on the responsibility for the outcome and provision of the agreed deliverables.
  • We draw on the knowledge and experience of consultants from both our permanent team and our extended trusted talent pool, to deliver against your requirements.
  • Our mobilisation SLA commits us to respond to a request in an agreed timeframe.
  • Service account management is provided by a designated Illuminet Director.
  • Our easy to understand options for cost reduction put savings within your control.
  • Low cost subscription.

Our extensive talent pool includes:

  • IT Leadership – Skilled leaders to drive your IT function forward.
  • Architecture – Architectural experts whether Enterprise, Solution, Data, or Service, to meet your design and roadmap requirements.
  • Programme Management – Experienced Programme Managers to ensure delivery of your key initiatives.
  • Project Management – Delivery focused managers will drive projects to deliver against business needs (transition, transformation of business & IT – services, infrastructure, cloud etc.).
  • Business Analysis – Business Analysts to drive requirements, business process management, and organisational design.
  • PMO – Providing you with the controls, reports, measures, and quality assurance of your change delivery function.
  • Service Management – ITSM professionals will help to align your IT delivery with your organisational goals.
  • Specialist Consultancy – Access to expertise in multiple technical areas of IT, from networks & security to data centres & applications, to support your business outcomes.

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