Rapid Improvement

Inject pace and urgency into continuous improvement

Rapid Improvement is a complete service product and toolkit for CIOs and IT Leaders for rapidly improving service desk operations and costs, with results within 90 days.

What is it?

This fixed term, fixed price approach to improvement breaks the pattern of service failures, multiple repeat request and embedded inefficiencies.

Existing practices are analysed, issues eliminated, and improvement opportunities identified and embraced.

Uncover, analyse and improve

With IT failures distracting IT leaders from strategy and adding cost to the bottom line, our repeatable Spin Cycles offer fast-paced improvement opportunities across the four key areas of repeat incidents, repeat requests, IT service risks and operational disciplines.

Cost of failure is a drain on your operational budget and creates customer dissatisfaction. Addressing these issues provides capacity to deal with larger issues and projects and wins stakeholder confidence and support.

Typical challenges

How we respond

Multiple failures sapping time, cost and energy.

By prioritising and solving the top 5 repeat incidents, utilising a Kepner Tregoe style approach.

Inefficient request processes causing unnecessary delay and cost.

By optimising the most common fulfilment request processes.

No clear risk profile, resulting in unnecessary service disruption.

Gaining an organisation-wide view of cost drains on productivity.

Inconsistencies in the way teams deal with common tasks.

By utilising our best practices checklists and procedures to help embed improvement.

Business outcomes

Deliver energy and action into improvement programmes
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Reinvigorate IT teams and put them back in control
Reduce failure costs and release resource for profitable project
Embed efficiencies to drive service excellence and Translate continuous improvement into competitive advantage

  Public Sector Client 

Rapid Improvement Spin Cycle significantly reduced the overall number of requests to IT saving support and service desk effort -Top requests generating 400 calls a month. We reduced the number of repeat incidents 790 calls per month down to 90. We improved change management disciplines which included project handovers to live – this saved a lot of failure cost. We improved project management control reducing overrunning projects (75% of projects were overrunning causing lots of cost over runs). We improved the small change pipeline approach – cutting out delays and saving rework. We cleared some long standing EUC issues and improved joiners, leavers and transfers for our client.

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