Risk Radar

A refreshingly simple approach to Risk Management

Our Risk Radar methodology is a unique, approach designed for CIO, CISO and Risk leaders to drive better risk discovery and understanding of the IT risk profile as well as provide the tools for clear prioritisation and action planning.

What is it?

This 90-day, fixed price approach doesn’t just define, categorise and prioritise risk, it empowers your IT team to ‘own’ the plan. Risk Management can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing they have a team of fully engaged, upskilled advocates onside.

Through the use of our comprehensive toolkit, it helps you fully define your IT risks, categorise them into our predetermined risk categories, prioritise them according to the level of threat they pose to your business, and place a financial value on them, allowing you to measure the benefits of mitigation and action more readily.

Hands on support by a member of our team, means your staff gain the development skills needed to continue active risk management.

A guaranteed 90 day approach to Risk Management

Threats to business are more sophisticated and damage to reputation through swift social media reporting makes it hard to recover from any failure. Client and public expectations of effective controls are higher and scrutiny from regulators is growing.

Our Risk Radar will enable you to show an active IT risk register, give confidence that it is being managed effectively, and reduce vulnerability.

Typical challenges

How we respond

Risks are poorly identified or too generic – with no qualification, risks aren’t actionable, and mitigation is impossible.

By categorising risk, drilling down to discover the right granularity of specific risks, and achieving breadth of coverage. Training is provided on how to write actionable and quantifiable risk.

Risks are identified but exist in disparate systems across the IT organisation.

By workshopping the problem! Teams are brought together to understand and consolidate risk.

Risks are defined but not managed.

By clear visualisations and reviews to embed risk management, highlight progress and provide management oversight.

Risks are defined but not quantified.

By introducing scoring and impact by dollars.

Business outcomes

Inject urgency, pace and energy into risk management
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Build an organisation-wide understanding of risk
Identify where risks hide, what they cost and how to tackle them
Put a financial value on risks to inform mitigation investment decisions

  Education Sector Client 

With our Risk Radar Spin Cycle we cut down 30 Day engagement for our client- including cybersecurity specialist and customisation cyber. We discovered 512 risks across 18 categories within the scope- resulting in the clearest position on risk the client has had. Risk Radar was used to build an action and investment plan for our client, presented to the board. The programme included indicative Risk Exposure and Risk Radar visualisation which allowed the client to demonstrate the effectiveness of actions. The work on the Risk Radar also enabled the business to progress and gain Cyber Essentials certification. 

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