Robotic Process Automation
Centre of Excellence Accelerator

Building the capability to continuously optimise process automation

Our approach helps our clients establish their own robot creation and management capability.

We guarantee to propel our clients to a place where they can rapidly define, build and deploy their own process automations with the confidence that the organisation knows how to operate in a world where robots sit alongside their key knowledge workers.

Illuminet's "Let's do RPA" Webinar!

Although you missed Illuminet’s Expert Webinar, “Let’s do Robotic Process Automation (RPA)”, on the 16th September, it is still available on-demand!

Our CCO John Opsblum and Associate Partner RPA expert Paul Caine guide you through the journey to a successful and mature Robotic Process Automation (RPA), discussing how to avoid the pitfalls of implementation in a presenter-led roundtable workshop.

Register here to receive both the presentation and the recording of the webinar.

What is it?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a non-invasive technology (requiring no changes to your underlying digital systems) which is governed by your business logic and inputs, that enables you to selectively automate business processes.

Using RPA tools, a company can configure software scripts, typically called a “robot” or “bot”, to interact with your digital systems in the same way as a regular employee would.

Building on Illuminet’s Productivity Accelerator, our approach is to help client’s build their own Centre of Excellence (CoE), so that they can be independent and able to continuously drive the optimisation and automation of processes.

Our Layered Adoption Method for RPA

Productivity Accelerator
• Process discovery and business case generation
• Identify appropriate “treatment”:
    Optimise: rapidly reduce workloads (shift left)

    Improve: enhance or make fit for automation
    Automate: Robotic Process Automation

RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE)
• Vision & organisation
• Governance & pipeline
• Standards & methodology, including prioritisation
• Benefits realisation management

RPA Portfolio Management
• RPA team – Including resource strategy & training
• Development methodology & standards
• Service model including monitor & manage
• Automation asset management

RPA Tooling Ecosystem
• Select the right RPA tool(s) for the task
• Implement, configure, and manage RPA infrastructure
Also consider the broader tool ecosystem:
    OCR, Workflow, Scheduling, NLP, Chatbots,
       Analytics, Reporting, Support ticket system,



Keys to Success

Resource Centre

The right roles resourced by people with appropriate experience and training, supported by sound methodologies.

We help define your organisation structure and assist in populating the team with a mix of your staff and new recruits.

RPA Tooling Ecosystem

The right tools and infrastructure supported by design guides for effective deployment.

We bring our knowledge to help you build your Robotic toolbox needed to support your business automation needs.


Identify, assess, prioritise, develop and deploy automation assets, supported by appropriate development standards.

We will sympathetically embed our proven RPA and Productivity methodologies and processes within your organisation to support your RPA journey from inception to operation.

Operating Model

Monitor, maintain and support robotic assets whilst ensuring reliable integration with the key knowledge workers in the organisation.

We will overlay a customised operating model on your organisation to tightly integrate RPA within your business.


Ensure compliance with policies and procedures to guarantee expected benefits.

We will assist you to incorporate RPA Governance across your business to optimise control and minimise risk and cost.

Typical challenges

How we respond

Tedious, repetitive tasks that consume time and manpower.

By providing the resources to create bots that perform tasks.

Managing your time to complete daily routines and activities.

By providing the option to schedule robotic jobs ahead of time where you can monitor efficiency and effectiveness.

Maintaining consistent service, free of error

Implementing the use of bots removes any risk of human error to improve customer satisfaction.

Guaranteeing compliance and accuracy

RPA steps can be easily recorded for historical auditability and are always accessible.

Creating an RPA Centre of Excellence

Build some robots
Focus on business outcomes
Build support capability
Define operating model
Identify quick wins
Establish governance

Business Outcomes

Reduce labour costs while adding accuracy of job performance with a robotic workforce
Assist employees and customers by recognising patterns to assist in decision making
Reduce risk and improve customer satisfaction whilst eliminating manual errors
Improve data quality by increasing the scope of data collection for analytics

  Gartner Inc. 

The ability to integrate legacy systems is the key driver for RPA projects. By using this technology, organizations can quickly accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, while unlocking the value associated with past technology investments.

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