Changing the game
in IT recruitment

Changing the game in IT recruitment

A uniquely expert approach to finding the right people for your business.

Make SMARTER hiring decisions
with i-Hire

Our AWARD-WINNING combination of technology and methodology provides our clients with the ability to:

  • Streamline their entire recruitment process
  • Increase their new employee retention
  • Reduce their commercial downtime
  • Reduce their hiring costs significantly

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An evidence based recruitment process management system that generates predictable outcomes, reducing commercial/management downtime.

i-Hire helps us and our clients define the role and collect evidence that validates a decision, reducing overall cost hire.

It encompasses video technology and multiple layers of scientific and objective assessment methods for each applicant to increase predictive validity.

i-Hire assesses the role before the person, constructing a profile of the perfect candidate for the position, increasing new employee retention rate up to 96%.

Our people
your people

We understand the importance of people. So, we take the pain away from finding and connecting with the very best, hard-to-source people. We have built a trusted network of over 1,200 senior IT leadership, service/project/programme/PMO management, architecture, business analysis and technical expert specialists. Our experience and heritage makes us uniquely qualified to deliver the change agents your business needs.

Recruitment can be expensive and time consuming for your team, usually at a time when resource is short. It can be very expensive if you recruit the wrong person into a key role. We can help you to mitigate this risk.

The Illuminet Recruitment model

A dedicated team of management consultants specialising in talent acquisition to the IT world who always take the time to fully understand your requirements in detail. Our unrivalled IT expertise and established network of industry contacts gives us the insights and the capability to fulfil your recruiting and onboarding criteria every time. We give you honest advice and never over-promise and under-deliver.

We operate on both sides of the aisle, recruiting both permanent and interim hires for small and large businesses. If your business wants help with recruiting processes including creating job descriptions and role profiles, assessing and benchmarking expected salary ranges, identification of candidates, selection processes and interviews, we can help.

The Illuminet Recruitment Model utilises Illuminet’s Virtual Bench of over 1200 known and trusted partners for permanent or interim work blended with high quality market searches. We continually invest in and develop networks, and long-term relationships so that we can provide you with the most highly skilled, experienced people – all of whom are focused on delivering your transformation – on a permanent and contract basis.

The model utilises the broader technical and industry expertise of Illuminet Consulting to identify and assess candidates. We can also provide you with people with extensive selection and interviewing experience for roles at all levels in the organisation, who can sit alongside your team to provide you with independent feedback to help you avoid poor hires.

Anne Marie – Placed at ‘Next Gen’ through ‘The Grey Matters Network’   

“The end to end recruitment experience with Illuminet has been excellent! Lameez has kept me informed throughout the process and has even given me pointers on how to approach the interview. I would recommend Illuminet Recruiting to anyone based on my experience with them.”

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