Rolls-Royce launches R² Factory: a safe space to do hard things

At Illuminet, we have innovation at our heart. When the opportunity arose, we jumped at the chance to work with Rolls-Royce’s new venture, R2 Factory – a digital transformation community where members tackle some of the toughest industrial challenges.

Born from their in-house digital culture, data analytics, and AI unit called R2 Data Labs,  R2 Factory has generated more than £400m in revenue and cost savings for Rolls-Royce by combining advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with deep domain knowledge and system engineering expertise.  

Launched at the end of March at its new collaboration space at 19 Portland Place, London, CEO Caroline Gorski describes R2 Factory as “a safe place to do hard thingswhere we can help our members unlock hard-to-access data, shape strategy and deploy AI solutions at scale.”  

The successes achieved in Rolls-Royce are not just about cost efficiency from digitalisation, but also increased digital literacy among the workforce and carbon footprint reduction. For instance, the team used data to reduce the carbon footprint in key supply chains by 40%.

Aimed at global, industrial businesses, the R2 Factory team will work with their members through collaborative residency programmes focused on driving solutions across research and development, supply chain resilience, manufacturing, regulation and compliance, and service and maintenance.

Greg Wood, CEO of Illuminet said “This is a fantastic opportunity to bring ideas together and develop something truly exciting. We will be supporting Caroline Gorski and her team to identify businesses for membership and to participate in residency programmes“. 

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