RPA Centre of Excellence Accelerator

Lots of companies have started the journey with RPA but few have gained the benefits they aspired to.  With nearly 50% of RPA projects failing now is the time to do something different’

After the initial flush of RPA enthusiasm many companies are unsure how to best exploit the potential. Asking the question, “what do we do next?”

“Hyperautomation is set to become the driving force of successful businesses’ RPA strategy” Gartner

Illuminet is delighted to share more information about an exciting extension to our Productivity Accelerator Spin Cycle.   Following on from our RPA news article on 18th May, we have now launched a new page on our website, as an additional Product, to showcase how we can help clients build their own capability in automating business processes.  

RPA is a hot topic more than ever, as working practices are changing more rapidly, as companies grapple with ways to keep their services running efficiently during the COVID-19 outbreak and into the future.

For clients struggling with managing capacity and scalability, this is essential.  If client’s have teams with tedious, repetitive tasks that take far too much time and effort and are error prone, RPA is an essential component of the operation.

Illuminet’s Productivity Accelerator already helps clients measure, visualise and improve their organisation and processes across their enterprise and then to apply “treatments” to boost productivity and hence drive a competitive advantage.  Automation is one of the key treatments, along with improvement (re-engineer) and optimisation, so a logical extension is for the automation treatment to dovetail in with RPA.

At Illuminet we like to bring a fresh perspective to business challenges and opportunities.  Our  RPA Centre of Excellence Accelerator builds the capability for clients to continuously optimise process automation. 

This additional Product comes with the same Spin Cycle model, of a 90-day consultancy-led Agile based methodology and toolkit for CIOs and IT leaders and their teams.  Our highly skilled facilitators work with the client during the initial cycle to support the use of the Product and help develop an ‘in house’ knowledge base. This engenders a culture of continuous improvement, without the need for additional external consultancy engagement to maintain and develop it.  We are so confident that you will get results we offer a money back guarantee.

As part of the RPA Centre of Excellence Accelerator we help our clients engaging in RPA technology.  We can guarantee to propel our clients to a place where they can rapidly define, build and deploy their own process automations, with the confidence that their organisation will know how to operate in a world where robots sit alongside their key knowledge workers.

We have a layered approach to the adoption of RPA.  Starting with the Productivity Accelerator, we then help build-out of the Centre of Excellence (CoE), set up Portfolio Management and the right Tooling Ecosystem.

We guide the establishment of:

  • Resource Centre – the right roles resourced by people with appropriate experience and training, supported by sound methodologies
  • Tooling Ecosystem – the right tools and infrastructure supported by design guides for effective deployment
  • Processes – identify, assess, prioritise, develop and deploy automation assets, supported by appropriate development standards
  • Operating Model – monitor, maintain and support robotic assets whilst ensuring reliable integration with the key knowledge workers in the organisation
  • Governance – ensure compliance with policies and procedures to guarantee expected benefits

The Illuminet model is tool agnostic, but we have extensive knowledge across the leading tool providers, including UiPath, Blue Prism etc. and can use our experience to help clients to pick the right tools for the job.

For more information please visit https://illuminet.online/rpa or contact us at enquiries@illuminetsolutions.com

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