Illuminet’s ‘Dress-down Day’ in aid of Hedgehogs!

Did you know that hedgehogs are a fast-declining species in the UK, and are now vulnerable to extinction? This is due to threats to their habitats from humans, as well as being hunted by predators such as badgers.

Which is why Illuminet held its first ‘Dress-down Day’ in support of these pincushions on legs. 

2023 has seen Illuminet take on monthly ‘eco-missions’ to do our bit for the planet and raise awareness on eco-topics close to our hearts. It’s important to us that as a company, we undertake activities that help support our eco-friendly ethos and help to promote more sustainable practices.  The March mission was a ‘Dress-down Day’ to raise money for two hedgehog charities (Hedgehog Helpline and Hamworthy Hedgehogs).

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release!

Hedgehog Helpline, founded in 1988, rescue approximately 1,200 hedgehogs a year. They rescue sick injured and orphaned wild hedgehogs around South Wales. Run entirely by volunteers, who donate their time to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing the hedgehogs. 

Hamworthy Hedgehogs, based in Poole, also help sick injured and orphaned hedgehogs. They nurse them back to health and aim to release them back into the wild. The charity survives mainly on the donations it receives. In 2020, Hamworthy Hedgehogs helped 700 hedgehogs! 

How Illuminet's 'Dress-down Day' in aid of Hedgehogs went!

March’s eco mission was a huge success! Everyone took part by wearing their casual clothes to work for the day. To help support declining hedgehogs, everyone was asked to donate to either the online PayPal buckets, physical cash using our donation pot in Poole Office or even to bring in some cat food to donate to local Hedgehog charities. 

All together we had managed to raise £170! This will provide life-saving treatment and care to at least 17 hedgehogs. We also donated cat food to Hamworthy Hedgehogs, when two members of our team visited and met the gorgeous Esmerelda 😊. It was a great cause for us to support and generated some talking points in the office about the plight of these very cute and prickly creatures.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this mission!

April's Mission and how you can get involved!

Our aim is to run an eco-mission every month during 2023. The April mission is a challenge that will be set for employees to ‘walk to work’ for a week. The aim of the mission will be to promote greener forms of transport for one week and encourage people to leave their cars at home for the week wherever possible. We are then hoping to be able to keep track of how many journeys have been switched throughout the week, and how much we have saved in terms of carbon emissions. Further details will be shared on the April mission in due course, but again, when the time comes around, we’ll be looking to get as many people involved in our April mission as possible.

There will be further opportunities to support other charities as we progress through the year.


  1. Richard Holling

    Great to hear about the caring side of Illuminet.

    All too often there is talk of grand plans to help nature or reduce carbon emissions, but small things are often the best way to make progress.

  2. Eleanor Wood

    This was such a fun mission! Love the picture of Esmerelda.

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